Taylor McGinnis is a cartographer and data analyst focused on policy change and community organizing.



Skills and Education

Mapping: Carto, ArcGIS, QGIS, Leaflet, Mapbox

Programming: HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, R, ember.js

Adobe Creative Suite: Illustrator, InDesign

Certificate from Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative (SAVI)--Pratt Institute, 2018 (Featured Student for 2018-2019)

Bachelor of Science--Tufts University, 2016

Assisting in the development of web applications and data discovery tools to increase government transparency and connect residents with important maps and information through the use of HTML, javascript, CSS, SQL for Postgres, Mapbox, and ember.js. 

Developer Intern at NYC Planning Labs

June 2018 to Present

GIS Fellow at Pratt Center for Community Development

May 2018 to Present

At Pratt Center I perform spatial data analysis using predominantly ArcGIS, build online tools to assist in understanding city planning projects, and analyze community-based data. Providing trainings to local organizations on collecting, cleaning, and analyzing data. 

Community Outreach Fellow for Solstice Initiative

January to May 2016

Conducted community outreach efforts to Boston neighborhoods to gather information about preferences on solar energy. Drafted report on best ways to promote shared solar programs throughout the state of Massachusetts to present to CEO.

Conducted research on Massachusetts state policies regarding public health, HIV/AIDS, and reproductive healthcare and education. Attended statehouse meetings to advocate for policy changes in support of improved access to healthcare. 

Policy and Advocacy Intern for AIDS Action Committee

January to May 2016

Conducted water quality assessments for the Charles River through the EPA Pilot Project regarding cyanobacteria growth in urban water systems.

Assisted in education efforts to involve surrounding communities, helped to coordinate volunteer events, edited grant proposals. 

Watershed Scientist Intern for the Charles River Watershed Association

Summer 2014

Assisted Dr. Jack Ridge in research on salt marsh pollution in Greater Boston (2015) and research on past climate change through the use of glacial sediments in the North American Varve Chronology project (2014). 

Conducted Independent Research Project on sea level rise along NY coast under supervision of Dr. Andrew Kemp (2015).

Research Assistant for Tufts Dept. of Earth and Ocean Sciences

2014 - 2015