Taylor McGinnis is a cartographer and data analyst focused on policy change and community organizing.

Hurricane Harvey and Development in Houston

Created in October 2017 (this was one of the first web maps I ever made, and I’m hoping to continue improving the project and eventually refactor the code using Ember.js)

This map provides a visualization of Hurricane Harvey's effects on Houston, Texas, and how the development of infrastructure in flood-prone areas continues to put the city's residents at risk.

Tools: Leaflet, Bootstrap, ArcGIS, HTML, Javascript, CSS

The project aims to provide the general public with a tool to better visualize the current state of flooding and real estate in Houston, Texas. Through combining several layers into a single interactive map, viewers are able to observe a spatial depiction of some of the main concerns of Houstonians: that developers are not only selling houses on flood-prone land, but that accelerated development is worsening already intense flooding in the city. The map depicts flood depths and damaged buildings from Hurricane Harvey, population change over the last seventeen years, and future proposals for real estate development in 2045. This map does not aim to provide statistical or scientific analysis on flooding in Houston, but instead to provide residents with a way to better understand the harsh relationship between real estate development and flood damage.  

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