Taylor McGinnis is a cartographer and data analyst focused on policy change and community organizing.



About Me

I am a developer, mapmaker, and data analyst that enjoys building information-sharing applications through researching data and translating this material into easily accessible and interactive resources. I am an open data advocate that is passionate about closing the gap between technology and the issues we are building this technology to solve.

Currently I am a working as a GIS Fellow at Pratt Center for Community Development where I help to develop online community asset maps and create graphics and maps that demonstrate the effects of zoning changes on NYC neighborhoods. I also work as a Developer Intern for NYC Planning Labs, where I assist a team in developing open data tools that increase government transparency and let residents know what’s happening throughout their city.

I was first introduced to mapping when I was tasked to map out rock outcrops in Massachusetts as a former geologist, and I’ve been passionate about it ever since. I recently completed a Certificate degree from the Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative (SAVI) at Pratt Institute.